Home improvement tips

Rough in measurement

It doesn’t matter if you believe you’ve found the best toilet, it will mean nothing if it doesn’t fit your outlet. Understanding you’re rough in measurement is incredibly important. Get something that’s too far away and you end up with a large gap behind the tank which isn’t ideal. What’s more, if you go for something to short or close to the wall, the toilet won’t fit at all.

Luckily for you, we know how to measure this effectively. But there is certain criteria you need to think about beforehand. There shouldn’t be any skirting on the wall, and the wall should be finished / plastered before you begin, as this can skew the results. So, once this has been sorted, get yourself a tape measure and measure from the wall to the middle of the waste outlet, or hold down bolts if you haven’t removed your old toilet yet.

The most common measurement will be twelve inches, however, there are older buildings that may require ten or even fourteen inches.

Now you’re equipped with that knowledge, you can think about other performance features such as finding a toilet with a powerful flush.